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The club "Paskunji" was founded in November 1998 in Tbilisi. It was founded on the initiative of the team of persons with the same interests.

From the first stage of it's existence the club aimed at bringing together the people of different nationalities, living in Georgia either permanently or on short term, through different cultural events, thus giving them opportunity to get familiar with the culture of Georgia as well as other countries.

Establishment of the cinema club "Paskunji" was the first step in this direction. Within the framework of the cinema-club there were being demonstarted best Georgian and foreign movies, subtitled or dubbed into English, once a week, on regular basis in Cinema House.

At the same time there has been set up Paskunji Mailing List in Internet. Anybody can subscribe for the mail (free of charge).

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Starting September 1999 the frequency of movie demonstrations went up to twice a week - on Tuesday and Friday. Besides the movie demonstrations within the year of its existence "Paskunji" has also held lots of contests and parties with the same purpose - to get its members together and create favorable atmosphere for communication between them and good rest.

The major objective of "Paskunji" is organizing entertaining cultural events, presenting information on the cultural events that are taking place in Tbilisi, cooperation with and support of any similar initiatives.

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